Georgian Wine Pairing Dinner


First Time Ever!

Georgian Wine Pairing Dinner

We are excited to have our first Georgian wine pairing dinner on Wednesday, June 5th. More excited we are pleased to introduce Anissa Gathers – a songstress in New York raised in Puerto Rico. Anissa was always drawn to the music of Celia Cruz during her tenure with the company Ballet Mestizo of NY. She has opened for Julio Iglesias in Tenerife, Spain as well as for Tito Nieves and Victor Manuel. She also played the titular role in the musical Celia in New York, Miami, Puerto Rico and Chicago.
Reservations are required. Table seating are $125 per person and bar seating are $100. Please click here to secure your seat or text to 718.216.8756.


First Course
Georgian Pecan Salad paired with Orgo Georgian orange wineSecond Course
Georgian Lamb and Rice soup style paired with Sachino medium dry

Third course
Khachapuri Georgian cheese flat bread with kale and herb paired with Quevri Saperavi

Fourth Course
Filet Mignon and roasted vegetables kebab paired with Bruade Separavi Natural wine

Fifth Course
Fig and cheese paired with semi-sweet-Separavi